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SineImage Image Sensor (IS) SineImage IS

In addition to the features of Imatest Master, the SineImage Image …
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Made by SineImage LCC

In addition to the features of SineImage Master, the SineImage Image Sensor (IS) edition also offers the ability to dynamically load images from a variety of camera and image sensor sources.

Direct image acquisition cuts out several steps in the image quality testing process to save you time and resources.

●Real­time viewing of test results from camera adjustments with continuous reload and analysis.

● Push Interface for signal processor tests.

● Over 100 image acquisition sources.

●Video file reading abilities: extracts still frames from AVI and MP4 files.

●The same sharpness, color, tonal and flat­field analysis as SineImage Master.

SineImage’s IS Edition, which has all the features of SineImage Master, also offers the ability to load images directly from Aptina’s Demo Camera Software, DevWare, and from OmniVision’s OVTA Tool 2009. This eliminates the need to capture images separately and load them individually into SineImage, dramatically improving productivity. Using the SFRplus capability of SineImage, and the SFRplus test chart, the process of configuring image sensors with DevWare or OVTA Tool 2009 is easier and faster than ever.

The License includes one year of Support.
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