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  • Service Network Service Network

    Service Network Manufacturer Service OutletsSHENZHEN 3NH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.COLORCONTROLLER HK LIMITEDAddress: 4/F, Building 8, Nangang Second Industry Zone, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.Service Hotline: …
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  • Download Download

    Download Free Download CategoryThe first part: 3nh official downloadThe second part: The complete series of electronic color card downloadThe First Part: 3nh official downloadCQCS3 English Version DownloadSQC8…
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  • After-Sale Service After-Sale Service

    After-Sale Service 3nh provides high-quality comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale service for customers.No matter what requirementscustomersneed, no matter what problemsand servicescustomersask,3nh customer service cen…
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    FAQ 1.WhenI received NH310/NH300 colorimeter and perform measurement, why the measured data is abnormal?Afterreceiving NH310/NH300, you have to perform white and black calibration manually when first star…
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  • Customized Service Customized Service

    Customized Service 3nh Colorimeter Function CustomizationColor Difference FormulaCMC(l:c)Color Difference Formula, can designate l:c coefficient.ISOColor Difference FormulaJPC79Color Difference FormulaCIE DE2000Color …
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